A Rogue's Game

A Rogue’s Game by Renee Bernard

Mistress Trilogy, Book 3

Pocket Books

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-4165-2422-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Eve Reynolds has perfected her alter ego – that of a wholesome and demure, often shy debutante.  This persona is used when, at her uncle’s bidding, she is to swindle rich society matrons in games of chance and card games.  Women are easier to fool than men and so Eve Reynolds is fairly successful at winning.  Not one person suspects her of being anything less than what she comes across as being.  Not anyone, that is, until Julian Clay meets her eyes across a crowded card room and see her for what she is – a fellow gambler.  When her uncle informs her of his plans to marry her off, Eve allows herself to go along with his plan for reasons only she knows.  Julian, however, is not willing to accept those plans and nothing will stop him from claiming the woman that has stolen his heart. 

The third book of Renee Bernard’s Mistress Trilogy, A Rogue’s Game is an entertaining historical romance.  Eve was a likeable heroine and I especially enjoyed how she kept Julian on his toes.  Just when he would become complacent, she was right there to snap him out of it.  I loved how each main character had a secret that they didn’t want getting out, especially Julian.  He would not be accepted in any societal homes had the true status of his finances been exposed.  The sensuality of A Rogue’s Game was tamer than what I normally read but still well written and eye catching.  A Rogue’s Game will take you on a wild card ride of emotions.  I thoroughly intend to go back and read the first two installments of this wonderful series!


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