Apache Flame by Madeline Baker

Cerridwen Press

Western Historical

ISBN 9781419918094

Reviewed by Nannette



Alisha Faraday was a young girl when she fell in love with Mitch Garrett. Mitch was Apache, poor and had a rough home life. Alisha was the preacher’s daughter and had everything she could ever want, except she had to hide her friendship with Mitch. Once he was a teen, Mitch left town to make something of himself, but he swore he’d come back for Alisha. Alisha waited for Mitch for a while, but as time went by and he never contacted her, she reluctantly moved on. When Mitch’s father dies sending him back to town, he and Alisha feel that same pull. But Alisha is engaged and Mitch is bitter. Through heartbreak and loss and revealed secrets and lies, will Mitch and Alisha finally have a shot at future together? 

Apache Flame is a tender love story filled with angst and laced with excitement. Mitch and Alisha’s story is very sweet. They practically grew up together and their lives revolved around each other, even when they were apart. The tales Mitch tells about the Apache people are interesting and endearing, as is his real Apache family. Mitch and Alisha face one obstacle after another in Apache Flame, but in the end they prove that true love conquers all!


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