A Notorious Proposition by Adele Ashworth



ISBN: 978-0-06-112858-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Garrett Burke and Ivy Wentworth used to be lovers.  Two years ago, Garrett left Ivy sleeping and slipped away in search of finding some missing diamonds.  Garrett planned on finishing this one last assignment and then returning to Ivy in order to convince her to spend the rest of her life with him. When Garrett returned, Ivy was not to be found. 

Ivy once loved Garrett but two years is a long time to think of his leaving her to go off without a word.  Arriving at the destination of her latest errand, Ivy never thought she would be face to face with Garrett again.  Now they must join forces to once again search for the missing Martello diamonds.  Ivy is willing to give up everything for Garrett, everything except her heart that is.

I have said more than once that historical romances are my favorite genres to read.  Historical romances such as A Notorious Proposal are ambrosia to my mind.  Each character is described to the fullest and the setting and scenes were vividly portrayed.  Sexual tension was afoot and I loved watching the dance between Garrett and Ivy.  Enemies because of circumstance, lovers because they couldn’t not be, I loved every aspect of their love story.  Adele Ashworth has penned a stunning portrayal of love and absolution.  A Notorious Proposition is all I wanted it to be and more.


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