A NASCAR Holiday by Kimberly Raye, Roxanne St. Claire and Debra Webb



ISBN: 978-0373771561

Reviewed by Tanya



“Ladies, Start Your Engines” by Kimberly Raye

Days before Christmas Savannah is fired from her NASCAR job, by her father no less.  But, she is going to use this opportunity to do what she was born to do, be a mechanic.  She knows just the man to help her out, whom she can help in the deal but will Mackenzie Briggs let her?  And can she keep her hands off him?

Ladies, Start Your Engines” is a heartfelt tale about a woman who wants to finally live her own life and not the life someone else wants her to live.  She finally breaks away and does what she has always wanted to and the consequences are not only revved up but, quite studley.


“'Tis the Silly Season” by Roxanne St. Claire

NASCAR racer Clay needs the unthinkable.  He needs a family and he needs it yesterday or he might be out of the running for a much-desired sponsorship.  So he launches a harebrained scheme to hire the waitress he just met that is full of spunk.  He will give her and her kids the storybook Christmas she will never be able to pull off alone.  But, is more than Christmas in the air?  Is Cupid running around also?

'Tis the Silly Season” is a fast paced story about love at first sight even if the main characters don't see it right off the bat.  Ms. St. Claire points out that sometimes charades have some truth to them.


“Unbreakable” by Debra Webb

Rush needs help, and his sponsor agrees.  For some reason there is a slanderous smear campaign going on featuring him with women he has never done things with.  So one of the ways they are hoping to change this is to hire an independent consultant to prove that NASCAR drivers are serious athletes.  Hoping that Dr. Max(ine) Gray can help show that Rush and his sport is not to be taken lightly.  But, what will happen to Max and Rush’s hearts, spending that much time together before Christmas?

Unbreakable” tells the story about what a former child prodigy and a super hot NASCAR driver have in common?  Ms. Webb shows that they are just people like the rest of us and you can't always choose who you will love.

I found these three stories centering around NASCAR and Christmas to be nicely packaged together.  While all three stories and writers were different styles and settings they fit together well for this anthology, A NASCAR Holiday. You don't have to be a NASCAR fan to enjoy them, but if you are it will be a bit of a bonus.  Take a chance and delve into the world of NASCAR  with the spirit of Christmas, you won’t be disappointed.


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