A Man, A Jersey and a Tight End by AM Riley

Sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears

Torquere Press

D/s, Contemporary, M/M, Multi Partners, Fetish

ISBN: 978-1-60370-317-8, 1-60370-317-9

Reviewed by Raine



Paul, aka Brianís ďDaddyĒ, has been away on business, leaving Jim, the mama bear, in charge of the brat.  Over the time Paul has been away Brian has had some issues crop up that he is not sharing with anyone and it is causing some ripples in the relationships between himself and Paul, and also between himself and Jim.

Scott is an over the road truck driver and due back shortly after Paul leaves. Meanwhile, that leaves Jim without his two friends and alone to deal with Brianís antics. Only before Scott makes it home he finds himself in a bit of trouble with the law.

Things just seem to be evening out when Scott comes home from a run with a cowboy, Joshua, in tow. To top it off, Paul brings a friend also, Fredrick, to stay while he searches for his own home. When Fredrick meets Joshua it is lust at first sight. But it is going to take a bit of patience on Fredrickís behalf to overcome some past emotional trauma Joshua has experienced if he wants the gorgeous cowboy for himself.

Kudos to AM Riley for writing an incredible tale with three couples, especially with four of the six mixing it up together occasionally. If you read Goldilocks and His Three Bears you see definite growth in the menís relationships. The antics Brian and Scott pull and the way their two tops respond occasionally was hilarious and not what your mind may think a Dom would do. A Man, A Jersey and a Tight End encompasses a lot from drama, comedy, love, playing matchmaker, getting punished for playing matchmaker and sex so hot I was surprised the pages didnít catch aflame. I loved A Man, A Jersey and a Tight End and would love to see more with these men.


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