All or Nothing by Tonya Ramagos

The Heroes of Silver Springs 4

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-192-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Things finally seem to be going right for Bailey; she has the man she loves in her bed and she seems to have a lot more control over her fear of confined spaces while firefighting.  What could go wrong?  She dreads thinking that question when everything seems to fall apart.  She makes a stupid move and burns herself while fighting a forest fire and now it looks like Tripp is coming back to work.  With Tripp back on her shift she won’t have a relationship with him as she is concerned about them both being able to do their jobs. 

How will these two resolve their relationship and the career that they both love?

I have loved Bailey and Tripp since the first installment of The Heroes of Silver Springs.  I am excited to see them finally get their relationship where it needs to be in All or Nothing.  I had hoped Ms. Ramagos had planned for them to be together, and work out their differences, and insecurities, as I loved both characters.  I find Ms. Ramagos is a wonderful story teller and one of the ways this is highlighted is how she can write a fire related scene that I can find myself captured by, as if I was there.  The fact she can spice the overall story up with smoking scenes between the characters on their downtime is an added benefit.  I think if you are a fan of firefighting romances you will not only want to run out and grab All or Nothing but the entire Heroes of Silver Springs series.


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