Alleys and Doorways edited by Meredith Schwartz

Torquere Press

Gay/Lesbian Urban Fantasy Anthology

ISBN: 1-934166-53-7

Reviewed by Sabella



“Everlasting” by Rose Fox

David has been living in a “heaven” of his own making where there are no every day worries, just the search for his next sexual conquest.  However after centuries he is ready to leave…

“Everlasting” gives us a glimpse of how even a “perfect moment” lived too long can become too much.


“The Steel Anniversary” by Valerie Z. Lewis

Xana and I have been together for fifteen years, even though I’m the only one willing to remember the first four years.  I understand why she chooses to forget, but sometimes I wish she had kept a few of the memories.

“The Steel Anniversary” is a sad apocalyptic tale of love and survival and how we all survive in different ways.  I won’t forget this story any time soon.


“The Truth of Skin and Ink” by B.A. Tortuga

When Joshua walks into Aidan’s tattoo parlor, the last thing Aidan expects is a customer that will touch him in ways no one else has.

Aidan and Joshua are absolutely bone-meltingly hot in “The Truth of Skin and Ink” and I hope that B.A. Tortuga has more of them in store for us!


“Side Effects” by M. Decker

Jordan practices magic and is struggling to make a career of it.  So when he finally gets a commission he is delighted.  But neither Jordan nor his boyfriend Will are ready for the side effect…

This story takes a light hearted approach to magic and its effect on every day life.  Jordan and Will are perfectly charming and funny as they deal with the side effects of Jordan’s magic.  “Side Effects” is a wonderful story!


“Path of Corruption” by Steve Berman

Preston is looking to indulge that secret side of himself that he is afraid to acknowledge, but when he meets Brandon, a street hustler, Preston needs to decide how far he is willing to go…

“Path of Corruption” is a dark tale that highlights the change in the perception of one self when we indulge in something considered unacceptable.


“Were” by JoSelle Vanderhooft

Alex has a secret.  One he is so embarrassed about that he has stopped going out at night to hang out with his friends.  But when they set him up with Christopher the surprises keep Alex off balance…

“Were” is a wonderfully funny story.  Alex and Christopher are charming and funny as they exchange witticisms.


“Lost” by Wendy Barnum

Lawrence always runs when he has any sort of romantic trouble in his life, and especially on his birthday.  Today he got both – is it any surprise he is running now?  The real surprise, however, is who runs after him.

“Lost” is a wonderful story that highlights the miracle of having some one to love and know us so well that when we are stupid they are still waiting with their arms open for us to come home.


“The Reflection of Love” by Julia Talbot

Alain has magic, magic that has made him a target.  But when he comes across Kyle there is just one thing on Alain’s mind – experiencing Kyle again.

Alain and Kyle are unusual but engrossing characters.  “The Reflection of Love” is a wonderful story about the every day magic of love.


“Underneath” by A.J. Grant

John is a Knight that battles all sorts of evil in the modern world with his sword.  Just one problem, his seer and boyfriend, Stuart, is a pacifist and this causes all sorts of issues…

“Underneath” is funny, charming and entertaining from start to finish.  I hope that we get to see more of John and Stuart in future stories by A.J. Grant.


“The Love Potion” by Abbie Strehlow

Aiden is just looking for someone to share his life with – that’s not too much to ask, is it?  But when the spell he is concocting to help him find his one true love is ruined Aiden loses hope of ever finding him.  But fate has other things in store for him…

“The Love Potion” is sweet and romantic.  Definitely a must read for all those who enjoy the discovery of possibilities in romance.


“Picture Perfect” by Sean Michael

What would you do if you had a magic camera?  When Lucas discovers his vintage camera takes odd pictures it leads him to the unexpected…

“Picture Perfect” is a vintage Sean Michael story full of sensuality and characters that will capture your imagination and emotions.


“The Token” by Elspeth Potter

What would you do in order to belong?  I have been searching for a place that calls to me as home but what I found was the magic of finding a place where being me is the best thing to be…

“The Token” is a truly unusual story that highlights the satisfaction of finding a “place” to call home where being yourself is all you need to be.


“Cedar” by Ann Stocce

John is just off the boat and headed to the place he always goes when he is on land.  But to John this place is more than a place to count time until he heads out to sea again.

“Cedar” is a charming story about the every day magic of finding a place where you are loved and wanted whenever you stop by – home.


Alleys and Doorways is a great anthology.  All the authors share different types of magic that we find in every day life and magical imaginary worlds.   These stories will charm, scare or provoke thought.  Do pick up Alleys and Doorways today; it is well worth the price and the time to read!


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