A Little Bit of Dis by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

When Wishes Come True Series, Book 1

Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Contemporary, I/R

ISBN: 978-1-936271-09-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.




It all starts (and ends) with Corrinna Parkinson, the self-appointed guardian and ‘fairy godmother’ of her friends’ children.  Working for a powerhouse like Nigel Drystan has placed her in the position of matchmaking now that all her own offspring have grown up and multiplied.  Her latest victims are Dr. Karlo Adams and millionaire playboy Dario Vittirio.  This hardheaded, strong willed, and rebellious pair don’t stand a chance against the machinations of First Lady Corrina Parkinson, a woman with more backbone in her baby toe than Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media, has in his entire body.

Karlo is maneuvered by her boss, Nigel Drystan (a la courtesy of Corrinna Parkinson), into working for Dario as his marketing director.  Tensions rise and all hell breaks loose routinely.  To quote Dario, “Karlo has perfected the art of the dis,” short for dismissal.  Dario experiences it firsthand time and time again from this amazing woman who drives him insane until he’s forced to re-examine his entire existence.  When everything culminates to a standoff, the gloves come off.  Dario is forced to make a life altering choice or lose Karlo.  As for Karlo, well there’s no way she’s going down before the count, because if she must, then she plans on taking Dario with her, every pleasurable step of the way.

Was I just hit by a sledgehammer or A Little Bit of Dis?  What description would do this story justice?  You’ve got to experience Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh’s unique style of sassy narrative for yourself.  This is an onion with many sexual, social, and psychological layers.  It won’t be a chore to reread this again.  Basically, what you have is a pair of bad asses brought together by a big hearted, loving lady who demands that everyone share in a happy ending that eluded her.  Huge is the only ego size for all the characters and the delivery bursts with saucy wit and humor.  Everything is larger than life and so far over the top, I started to think that this is the way to live and love.

If you’re looking for candlelit dinners, roses, and wine or a complicated plot with complex lovers, forget it.  This isn’t that kind of story.  It’s an edgy tale written with attitude and angst by fast forwarding over the usual bits.  Hallelujah! It doesn’t stint on the sex!   What I liked best is that these insightful ladies work it.  A Little Bit of Dis makes you question the status quo.  When a story can do that, I’d say it’s a win.  The only place for this mother-daughter writing duo to go is up, and I look forward to watching them climb and grow.


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