A Lady in Waiting by Samantha Kane

Oh Yum! Series

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 978-1-4199-1680-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sylvie, the widowed Marchioness of Bartlebyrne, is 39 years old and life is pretty much passing her by.  Her son is grown and in school and Sylvie’s days include charity works and making sure that her son’s ancestral grounds are maintained.  When the parsonage in the village becomes vacant and a new pastor is appointed, Sylvie is dismayed to find herself watching and desiring the new vicar, Edmund James.  Not only is Edmund younger than Sylvie by more years than she wants to count, but he is the son of a family friend.  When Edmund comes to Sylvie with his heart in his hand and naughtiness on his mind Sylvie is not strong enough to send him on his way.  Their affair becomes the talk of the town much to Sylvie’s consternation.  There is only one choice for the lover’s to make and Edmund is ready to make it – it is Sylvie that needs convincing.

A Lady in Waiting took me on an emotional roller coaster.  I loved Sylvie’s tenacity and I loved her shyness.  She was bold on one hand and innocent on the other and those two characteristics together were perfect for this incredible woman.  Edmund was unlike any pastor I have ever had and more than once I thought lightening would strike me as I would think of all the wonderful ways I could find to spend time in HIS church on Sunday!   A Lady in Waiting was remarkable. 


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