Afternoon Delight by Desiree Holt

Lust Bites

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Menage a Trios and More

ISBN:  978-1-906590-60-4

Reviewed by Jambrea



Lori and Savannah are spending the afternoon pleasuring each other because they canít find that someone special when their neighbor, Deke, comes along to help them out.  At the end of the afternoon Deke invites the two girls to dinner with him and his friend Slade.

Will this afternoon end in disaster or might the girls find what they have been searching for?

Afternoon Delight is just that, delightful.  Desiree Holt writes hot sexy romps that I just love to read.  When the four get together it is no holds bar rocking sex.  The only thing I wish was the couples had more time to develop.  I am glad that it wasnít straight to love.  These couples give themselves time to grow and I LOVE that.  Ms. Holt knows her sexy and I canít wait to read more.



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