Addicted by Cassie Stevens

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary DBSM

ISBN: 978-1-60272-380-1

Reviewed by Ley



Ten years ago Captain Damien Walker walked out of Gunnery Sergeant Vic Williamsí life when he needed him most.  At the time they were college students whose handling of a tough situation led them to live separate lives wishing for what could have been.  Ten years later fate steps in and Vic prepares himself to show Damien that he was never worth his time to begin with, but when he set eyes on the man he once loved Vic realizes the feelings he had for Damien never went away.

Damien had no idea that when he walked into his new office as the new Executive Officer he would become face to face with the one man he has dreamed about for the past ten years.  Seeing Vic reopened old wounds for Damien and he knew in order to have a professional relationship, he needed to close the door on their personal one.

Addicted is fantastic! Damien and Vic had an explosive past together and pride and personal decisions tore them apart.  The passion between them was perfect; the sex was hot with just the right amount of BDSM.  Addicted laid a great foundation but I was not overly thrilled with the ending until I learned there will be more to the story.  Iím looking forward to the direction the author Cassie Stevens take these two heroes in with the upcoming book.  Fans of Ms. Stevensí work will love Vic and Damien and will find Addicted to be an addiction.


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