A Chance Encounter by Leila Brown

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-270-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Heather Crane and her best friend Monique run Friendly Encounters.  A business  where they help three people, during therapy, to become a happily sexual trio.  Both women are highly desirable fae hiding in plain sight.

Brothers Julian and Lucian Grey run Grey Investigations and today Julian is stuck delivering folders to clients in Faery Towers where he comes into accidental contact with Heather.  As a Grey Man by birthright, Julian immediately recognizes Heather for what she is, a true gift.

The more Heather tries to outwit the Grey brothers the harder they hold on to their precious find.  Heather gave up a lot for her freedom and doesn’t let her independence go easily but Julian and Lucian have no intention of letting Heather find a way to leave them, ever.

A Chance Encounter brings together a hot ménage mixed with a little domination and some sexy fae to top it all off.  This is a unique plot with intriguing characters that pulls you right in and holds on tight.  It is however a bit irritating not knowing the classifications of fae in this story to better understand some of their actions.  Still, A Chance Encounter draws readers into the heart of these conflicted fae and never let up.


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