According to Luke by Jackie Barbosa

Gospel of Love Series, Book 1

Cobblestone Press


ISBN 978-1-60088-268-5

Reviewed by Raine



Luke Finley’s girlfriend has just given him the boot. It doesn’t surprise him, but it always bothers him. He has had many good relationships and while Luke is monogamous he refuses to get married. And it seems that after time each lady wants just that.

Coming out of this last relationship one of his best friends, who is female, gives him a lecture about the women he has picked in the past and that he picks women who would never work for him. That he should give someone like her a try, no strings, no pressure. Only thing is she rocks his world and scares him.

According to Luke is a  wonderfully uplifting love story. Luke is a wonderful guy who wants forever but is repressing things from his childhood that prevent him from making this happen. Once realized he moves forward with lightning speed. I really like this story and the couple in it and think you will as well.


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