A Mermaidís Kiss by Joey W. Hill
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: (10) 0425223809 (13) 978-0425223802
Reviewed by Amelia



The angel Jonah is a warrior, a commander of legions for the Goddess. Heís grown tired though, in his many years of service, of doing battle, and watching those around him perish. When a Dark One severs his wing during a battle he falls into the ocean, expecting to die.

Anna is a mermaid with unique shapeshifting abilities. When she sees Jonah in the ocean, with a host of Dark Ones following him, sheís reluctant to get involved. But then she canít help herself and she hides him. Anna is a daughter of Arianna, and knows that her life with be short. She hopes she can give it meaning by helping Jonah.

Anna knows Jonahís heart is troubled, and at the urging demands of the sea witch Mina, the two set off on a journey to find a shaman who can heal Jonahís heart. The same heart the Dark Ones were trying to get their hands on when they attacked the angel.

A Mermaidís Kiss is a lush tale of the battle between good and evil. The differences between these two characters, Annaís sweet innocence and her search for something meaningful in her life, and Jonahís scarred view of the world are a perfect blend for a look at the mythical world created in this story.

As their journey progressed, I found myself fascinated by the varying characters, which all added depth to an already intricate plot. The story, while fascinating and enjoyable, was a little dark at times, though, and I had to put it down and step away to think about what Iíd just read.

Ms. Hill does not pull any punches, as usual, and has produced a fascinating story set in a world of mermaids and angels that will mesmerize lovers of the paranormal.

A Mermaidís Kiss will capture your head, and keep you reading until the very last page.


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