Yours for the Taking by Karen Erickson
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60088-167-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Liana is bored, lonely, and hasnít had a relationship in forever.  When her roommate, a professional escort, decides she wants to cancel her client for the night that is already lined up for her, Liana convinces her roommate to let her go in her place for the night.  Liana figures she will alleviate her boredom and get laid all in one fell swoop.  There is just one tiny bit of a problem. The Ďvirginí client that hired an escort for the night is virile, good looking, and nothing like Liana was led to believe.  She only has one choice; she has to leave before he wakes up.


Markís social life is non-existent because of the long hours he works.  Going on the recommendation of a friend, he calls an escort service and proceeds to procure the services of a woman for the evening.  Expecting a jade, bored, and mechanical call girl, Mark is pleasantly surprised to meet Liana.  Something doesnít click about her being a professional, but Mark disregards his intuition and proceeds to enjoy himself tremendously.  Waking up, he figures he will have one more romp for the road but there is one tiny snag.  Liana is gone and when he calls the escort service, she is not even listed as an employee.  Where is his mystery woman, the woman he canít stop thinking about? 


I absolutely loved Yours for the Taking. I thought the plot was perfect and well thought out.  Since Liana had never worked for an escort agency, I like how her characterization was still somewhat innocent even though she was supposed to be jaded.  Mark was sinfully sexy and completely not the john of horror stories.  He was hot enough to make me want to be a professional!


Yours for the Taking was released at Cobblestone Press and if you are in the mood for a good story, then take a chance on Karen Ericksonís latest release. Youíll be glad you did.


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