Whose Afterlife is This, Anyway? by Elisa Adams
Loose Id
Erotic Vampire Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-507-4
Reviewed by Cassie



Carrie Holiday has had it with her life.  She left her job in New York to come home and help her mom recover from a back injury, but now she’s stuck being assistant librarian in her hometown of Pine Tree Grove.  Nothing interesting has happened to her in quite a while—at least until her sister comes to her, asking her to play detective and track down her sister’s soon-to-be ex-husband.  The man’s address book leads her to her sexy neighbor’s house, where she finds herself with an unexpected partner.  They agree to work together.  Their mutual attraction soon has them becoming partners in more ways than one, but what will happen when Carrie finds out the truth about the man she’s coming to care about?


Whose Afterlife is This, Anyway? combines the genres of vampire paranormal, erotic romance, and suspense, and is mostly successful at doing so.  Full-figured, independent heroine Carrie was amusing and believable, and sexy vampire PI Luke Nolan made a great partner for her.  I loved Luke’s obvious pleasure in Carrie’s real-woman beauty, as well as his sometimes-bossy protectiveness and respect for Carrie’s abilities.  Watching their relationship evolve was entertaining.  The love scenes were well done, sweet, and hot.  The only place where Whose Afterlife is This, Anyway? falters a bit is the suspense angle.  The mystery of her sister’s missing husband isn’t all that compelling.  Throwing a seriously evil villainess in livens things up a bit, but unfortunately she didn’t play enough of a role to make me really excited about the mystery.  I enjoyed Carrie and Luke’s investigation because their relationship was evolving, but the suspense itself was pretty tame and the resolution anticlimactic. Still, Elisa Adams has penned an interesting paranormal PI story with likeable characters and good relationship development.  I would like to see her do stories for Luke’s vampire friends, who seemed way too yummy to stay single!


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