Welcome Home by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60370-029-3, 978-1-60370-029-0
Reviewed by Cassie



Ripper Watson is on the run, in a sense.  After discovering his boyfriend cheating on him, he left Boston on his motorcycle and just rode.  He’s in the Rocky Mountains on a cold night when he decides to stop.  Luckily, he ends up at a big old house that offers help to travelers.  There he meets Bandy Coker, the house’s owner, who once had a very different life.  Now, though, he spends his life in the Rockies, helping the travelers who happen by.  Will Watson be just one of those travelers, or has he found a home at last?


Welcome Home is a very sweet, surprisingly hot read.  Watson (aka Ripp) has been hurt, but as he travels he realizes things with his ex had been going bad for a long time.  When he meets kind but rather odd Bandy, he’s instantly attracted.  I loved the interaction between the two men; especially after the reason for Bandy’s strange behavior is revealed.  Once again, Sean Michael has created characters I could easily care about and a compelling story for them.  Welcome Home is a great choice for when you need a quick, hot read with an ending that will leave you smiling.


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