To Hell You Ride by Julia Talbot
Torquere Press
Gay Historical
ISBN: 1-934166-65-0, 978-1-934166-65-9
Reviewed by Cassie



During the summer, Big Roy Marsh comes down from the mountain boarding house he lives in to see a play in Telluride.  Although he’s just a rough miner, he loves the theater and doesn’t care who knows it.  After seeing a performance of Macbeth one night, he runs into the star the next day, but the man is terribly rude to him.  Roy gives his opinion of the play, and Sir Edward Clancy, the snobbish actor, to the local newspaperman.  Clancy demands an apology, which Roy refuses to give.  The two men initially draw only sparks of anger from each other, but the anger quickly turns to attraction.  Clancy plans to leave in the spring, though—at least until something terrible happens.  Can a rough miner and a cultured actor make a future together?


I really enjoyed reading To Hell You Ride.  Julia Talbot did a wonderful job of creating two very flawed, opposite characters that I could still empathize with.  Roy is big, rough, and unattractive.  He calls himself ugly, but inside he is sweet, kind, and caring.  Clancy is just the opposite: beautiful outside, rather selfish and snobbish on the inside.  As the two come together, Clancy slowly learns the value of inner beauty.  Clancy’s growth over the course of the story really adds to this book.  The love scenes were hot and well-written and the little historical details were interesting as well, making To Hell You Ride a very entertaining read!


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