Threat of Darkness by Lauren Dane
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Fantasy/Menage
ISBN: 9781419910517
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Mei was exiled from her homeland, Tir na nOg, more than a thousand years ago.  Having spent a millennium in a demon prison, she now spends her time as a Warrior for the Balance bringing wayward demons to justice.  After turning over her latest assignment, Mei is told by her boss that she is to travel to the one place she never thought she would see again; Tir na nOg.  Not wanting to go but unable to refuse, Mei sees her mother for the first time in thousands of years.  Not only does she see her mother, she sees Jayce, her first husband.  The same husband she thought perished right before she was thrown into the demon prison.  The husband that she has mourned every day for thousands of years.  Jayce is ecstatic to see her and she him, but there is just a tiny problem…and his name is Card. 


Whether she is writing werewolves or fantasy, I know I am in for a great story when I open a Lauren Dane book.  Threat of Darkness was no different.  Loosely tied to the Witches Knot series, Threat of Darkness is a stand alone fantasy that keeps you entertained from the first to the last scene. The sexuality and sensuality of the characters shines through on the pages.  The men, Card and Jayce, were hot enough to melt iron and their love for Mei was unconditional. They both won me over immediately.


Threat of Darkness is just another great book in my Lauren Dane collection.  I would suggest it to anyone. 


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