The Wizard and the Thief: The Magician by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Gay Fantasy
Reviewed by Cassie



Highly skilled thief Plum is bored by many of the jobs he takes, finding them pointless and unchallenging.  Then, he gets a most unusual request: to steal a wizardís lodestone from the manís own house!  The job is fascinating and lucrative enough that he takes it.  When the wizard Corm catches him and passion flares between them, everything changes.  But what will happen when Cormís secret comes out?


The Wizard and the Thief: The Magician is a great, hot fantasy tale.  Both characters were very multi-faceted.  I liked Plumís mix of confidence and wistfulness, and Cormís mix of arrogance and vulnerability.  The love scenes were hot and sweet, and I could really feel the emotion.  As always, Sean Michael demonstrates just as much skill with fantasy as with contemporary stories.  If youíd like to put a little magic into your day, pick up The Wizard and the Thief: The Magician!


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