The Lost Temple of Karttikeya by Laura Baumbach
Collector Series, Book 9
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-499-2
Reviewed by Rosemary



During a burglary investigation at the Wisteria Hills Estate, Detective Brandon King is viewing artifacts in a glass case, when the collectorís assistant approaches him.   She explains the legend of the love totem and how each individual piece has the ability to grant its finder their heartís fondest desire.  The last piece of the love totem, Karttikeya, Hindu god of war is still missing, and the collector is desperate to acquire it.  Brandon is offered the all expense paid assignment.  Brandon views this mission as his last hope to hang on to his shaky relationship with his secret bisexual lover, who is engaged to a rich woman.  Brandonís desire is to have an out in the open, committed relationship. 


Brandonís research for support in this undertaking, leads him to Christian Carter, archaeologist extraordinaire, who has in depth knowledge of artifacts and has been to the jungles of India.  There is an instant attraction between the two; both gain arousal with only a handshake.  Christian accepts the proposal to guide Brandon with three goals in mind, to seduce Brandon, to meet the collector and to find his archaeologist father whom he has never met.


The Lost Temple of Karttikeya is an action packed Indiana Jones/Mission Impossible adventure with exotic creatures, magic, and hot, steamy love scenes in and out of the jungle.  Laura Baumbachís gripping and intricate plot will have you hanging on to the edge of your chair, hot and covered with sweat to the very end.  I truly enjoyed this story.


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