The Last Celtic Witch by Lyn Armstrong
A Celtic Series
Resplendence Publishing
Historical, Paranormal, Erotic
ISBN: 978-0-9795721-1-1
Reviewer: Little Sunshine



When visions of a painful death continually haunt Adela, she recognizes her days are numbered and must act quickly to find a man that will provide her with a child that will inherit her magical powers.  Casting her spell, she is led to a handsome and irresistible chieftain who is more than willing to fulfill her needs. 


Although his feelings for Adela are heartfelt, there is unrest in the land and Phillip knows the only way to attain peace is by making a marriage alliance with Lady Torella.  But Lady Torella is not what she seems to be.  An evil witch hungry for power, Torella is determined to eliminate Adela and break the agreement of peace between the two clans.  Will it be too late to stop the treacherous witch?


The Last Celtic Witch is a magical and gripping tale of good versus evil.  Alliances, treachery, love and smoking hot sex scenes make this story intriguing, seizing the readerís attention from start to finish.  A very well crafted plot and as the first book in Ms. Armstrong series, The Last Celtic Witch is impressive and the author did a good job dazzling this reader with its magical charm.  I anxiously await the arrival of her next offering and can only hope to be charmed once again.


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