Sins of the Past by Amanda Young
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-599-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Ryan Ward spent a lot of time when he was younger trying to convince himself that he wasn’t gay by dating any and all women that crossed his path.  Now, however, he has come to terms with who he is and after enjoying the club scene and all the meaningless hook-ups he is ready for something different.  When his friends set him up on a blind date, Ryan is ready to meet a loser – after all, who else would agree to this set-up?  However, Ryan is shocked when he meets a man that is gorgeous and seems nice.  Surely they should hit it off…


Andrew Vought gave up his life as a Wall Street trader to raise his niece, Katie, whom he has raised as his daughter.  When he meets Ryan, Andrew is immediately attracted but he wants something more than just sex – Andrew wants a relationship. 


But when Ryan finally meets Katie his past and present collide.  Can Andrew and Ryan make it work or will they lose each other over the past?


Sins of the Past is a very sexy hot read.  Amanda Young does a great job creating these characters so that you feel their passion and their love in every encounter.  Ryan is the adult version of the playboy we have all met at one time or another and Andrew is the man we all wish to meet – responsible, steady and passionate.  Both these men will catch your attention and keep it from beginning to end.  However, from the very beginning of the book we know what the conflict is going to be. But it only surfaces in the plot in the last third of the book, then only to be solved rather quickly.  Still, Sins of the Past is a fun and steamy read that is perfect for a break in routine.


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