Just One Look by Christiane France
Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-59279-646-5
Reviewed by Indy



Toni Peters should have known better than to trust her vacation in Paris to her less than responsible friend. To arrive and find out that her friend not only quit her job but failed to leave adequate instructions on how to find her is just another notch to add to her already disappointing behavior. Hoping nothing is wrong, Toni sets out to find her friend in a country where she doesnít know the language or where to start. When a mysterious note arrives for her Toni winds up meeting a sexy cop who can melt you with one look but who just might be the lucky break she needs in finding her wayward buddy.


This is just a story short enough to be read in a couple of hours but with all the parts needed to make it interesting and enjoyable. Just One Look says it all as a couple who meet under weird circumstances find themselves falling for each other immediately. The excitement that follows is enough to make you smile and want to slap a character or two at the same time. Christiane France has done a good job with the characters in this story, bringing them alive for me as a reader. Especially the selfish friend who continues to get everyone around her stuck in the messes she creates.  Iím sure readers who want a light read that blends humor and sexual excitement will find this story fits the bill.


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