Joey to the World by Flesa Black
Loose Id
Christmas Contemporary; Full Figured Heroine
ISBN: 978-1-59632-362-9
Reviewed by Indy



Filling the airwaves with her own brand of therapy for lovers, Dr. Joey is the therapist listeners come to for relationship and sexual advice. As exciting as her show is her life however is stagnant. The wingman for her coworker Josephineís own personal hang-ups have left her alone and spending more evenings with her cat than with a male companion. When the stationís new owner arrives, Joey finds herself falling immediately in lust with the handsome wealthy bachelor who she is sure will never look twice in her direction. Sam Winters canít believe the voluptuous woman who is his stationís most popular host turns his insides to mush at first sight. Willing to do whatever is necessary to get her attention, he decides a little bit of trickery is needed to woo the woman who he canít keep his mind off of. Hopefully Santa will bring a little bit of adult cheer for Sam and Joey as these two embark on a holiday season neither will ever forget.


Sometimes as women we need a little bit of nudging from just the right guy to realize pleasingly plump doesnít mean we lack sex appeal. In Joey to the World the heroine is a voluptuous woman who is beautiful, intelligent and caring but is so unsure of herself she almost misses out on love. This story really spoke to me since I can relate to how a little extra weight can cause a woman to second guess her appeal to the opposite sex. Flesa Black has written a story that embodied the spirit of Christmas and brought with it the belief that all things are possible and wonders really do happen during the holiday season.


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