Highland Magic by Christine Young
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-58749-570-8
Reviewed by Barb



Keely has lived her life on the outskirts of the village for nearly all her life. The villagers and the rest of the Highlands call her the witch woman behind her back. Whoever requests help of her receives it, as it is part of who she is. Her healing is a gift that she will not deny to any others. She knows she will always be alone. Her dreams of the future both hinder and help her. Unfortunately, the Scottish King is attempting to bring Keely to trial as a witch. Now she has the added burden of being wary of soldiers and others that wish her harm.


Ian McPherson was injured in battle. Keely healed him and is now attempting to help him regain his memory.

Even knowing that he cannot remember the past, Ian knows he was not sent to do Keely harm. But what was he sent for? In his soul he knows that he is a protector and a decent man.


They feel the pull of destiny towards each other. Both are honorable. Life has brought them together and they must find their way towards the future. Or are they already too late?


Highland Magic is a tale of two stubborn souls that find themselves in a time of danger. They work towards finding solutions to life’s problems separately but end up in the same spot at the end. I enjoyed this book as it kept my attention with the physical interplay between Keely and Ian while giving an insight into both of their thoughts at key moments in the story. A well written, satisfying historical novel.


Highland Magic is book two of the Highland Trilogy series by Christine Young but can be read on its own.


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