Desert Heat by Leigh Wyndfield
Samhain Publishing
Romantic SciFi-Futuristic
ISBN: 1-59998-715-5
Reviewed by Indy



Hunted by beings from other worlds because of their heat phases, Tannar, a Morjan Protector of her female dominated race of people, knows she needs to continue to outsmart the people who hunt her for their pleasure. If caught and taken from her home planet death is a sure result. Nicholas Rentard has special hunting skills because of his genetic make-up, a hybrid human he senses Tannar before he ever lays eyes on her. Knowing to capture her will leave her at the wills of his prince; he has to do what he needs to do or risk his own punishment at the hands of his ruler.


On a world where heat is an understatement when discussing the climate, it seemed rather tame in comparison to the chemistry between Tannar and Nicholas. Desert Heat has elements that reminded me of Xena, warrior woman, a strong, agile and cunning heroine. With the inclusion of the hunter instincts Nicholas possessed, Leigh Wyndfield’s novella was able to provide a captivating story. I tend to enjoy books with a little emotional turmoil and that is what pushed this book over the top.  Sexy, dramatic and of course the required HEA, are only a couple of things I think will make this book a winner with sci-fi readers everywhere.


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