Celtic Heart by Jennifer Bokal
Champagne Press
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1897261896
Reviewed by Jen



In this story set in Roman Britain, Celtic healer Maeve tends the wounds of Roman Antonius, the only survivor of a battle won by her people. She is initially unaware that her Druid father has preserved Antonious as a sacrifice to the Beltane fires, and falls in love with him. She tries desperately to save him, while Celtic warrior Fergus wants her as his wife and will lie, cheat and kill to secure her.


Celtic Heart is an excellent story of love, courage and sheer tenacity of purpose in desperate times. The characters of Maeve and Fergus come across well, and Antonius is an honorable Roman who can kill like a machine but has a soft heart where Maeve and her child are concerned.


The story thread is exciting and provides a good read, but my enjoyment was lessened by patches of awkward writing and I believe the book would have benefited from more work at the editing stage.


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