Carnal Awakening by Taige Crenshaw
Ellora’s Cave
Fantasy, Erotic, Quickie
ISBN: 9781419911859
Reviewer: Erys



Mission or not, Mikhail can’t stop lusting after Shay.  A relationship between the two might be impossible, but that fact can’t keep him from having deeply moving, lusty dreams of her.  Dreams where he wakes from passionate lovemaking with the hot owner of Exotic, a flower and gift shop.


Shay had a rude awakening from her last boyfriend, and knows that her sexual appetite is a bit lustier than any man’s she’s met. It doesn’t stop her from intense sexual dreams of Mikhail, and it doesn’t stop her from wanting him more and more each time they meet.


Shay’s no fool, he’s not buying exotic flowers for himself, but for some lucky woman, so she’s going to enjoy her fantasies to the fullest.  After all, he isn’t interested in her, and she’ll never get to act on these desires anyway.  Right?


Carnal Awakening will have you needing a glass of cold water before you’re done.  Taige Crenshaw starts the book with a sizzle and ends still smoking. 

Shay is not your typical heroine; she’s gutsy, feisty, and self-confident.  All she’s lacking is the right man, even though she knows who that is.  Watching her go after Mikhail is as entertaining as the love scenes themselves.


Mikhail is an Alpha male on a mission.  He’s not about to let his desires get the better of him…or so he thinks.  I really enjoyed the interaction between the two characters.  I was a little thrown off when the Immortal Blossom appeared, and with the scene following, but pushed it aside to read more steamy sex.  I knew this was book one of a series, but when I got to the end I kept trying to go to the next page.


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