By The Numbers by Marteeka Karland
Executive Decisions
Changeling Press
Paranormal/Ménage, Vampires
ISBN: 978-1-59596-776-3
Reviewed by Tanya



Zoe has worked for the vampire lawyers for almost ten years now.  She has also fought her attraction to them for the same amount of time.  When she is yelled at by Dorian for trying to help him after he is injured she finally has had enough.  She decides to take a two week vacation and will clean out her office when she comes back. 

On her way out of the office she spies a flyer advertising Executive Decisions, an escort service guaranteeing discreet escorts for the professional woman.   She momentarily wonders if this is the same service that Dorian and Sebastian work for but, lets that thought go.  While the vacation will be expensive she decides that she has the money and deserves this time being treated well.


When Zoe opens the door and sees that her escort is to be not one man but two vampires, her former bosses in fact, she is momentarily stunned.  Then she decides this is the time to finally see if she is more than just attracted to them.  She makes a deal with them that she won’t cancel the arrangement for the 2 weeks if they agree to not boss her around or yell at her.  She wants to be herself and not have to live up to anyone else’s standards.

Sebastian is willing to do whatever it takes to win her over but can Dorian conquer his fears and accept her for what and who she is?


By the Numbers is a fast paced story dealing with love and loss.  I thoroughly loved how Dorian was made to seem like the mean man when what he is trying to do is protect his heart.  The author does a wonderful job of having the two men have very different personalities but in the end fit so well together you have to take them as a package deal.  If you like vampires, ménages and a fast paced story By the Numbers is one you will have to pick up.


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