Blood Bytes by Susan Phelan
Cerridwen Press
Future/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 9781419910043
Reviewed by Lisa



Investigating the death of a young woman brings Detectives Tess Monterey and Darwin Renaldi to the doors of Blood Bytes, the foremost vampire escort service in New York City.  Once upon a time the two were lovers until Tess found Darwin in the arms of another, now their partnership is strictly professional and somewhat awkward.


Sexy vampire. Devante Matiero. is Blood Bytesí most popular escort these days which is driving the previous numero uno, Kaylen Knight, into a near frenzy of jealousy.  The owner, Tamela Hawthorne enjoys the animosity between the two men and loves the money they bring in even more.


Set in future where vampires and such are known to all, murder is still a capital crime and Tess plans to do everything she can to find her killer.  Just as important to her is trying to get a certain scrumptious vampire out of her head.  Devante also feels a connection to Tess, but this isnít the time or place because there is more going on beneath the surface, much more.


Susan Phelan has built an imaginative, detailed, future with sexy vampires, complex women and rolled it all into a fast paced, exciting plot.  I liked and admired Tess for her grit and determination while healing a broken heart.  Devante is, well, divine, and I couldnít help rooting for bad boy Kaylen.  I only wish that the climax itself hadnít been so rushed and somewhat curious.  Blood Bytes sinks teeth into the reader and doesnít let go till the last page.


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