Between a Rock and a Hard-On by Cindy Spencer Pape
Tricks and Treats
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9-78141991-230-6
Reviewed by Jambrea



Bram and Twyla meet briefly at a childrenís Halloween party.  Sparks fly between the Ĺ dragon and the pixie. Little did they know that they would meet again so soon and that their lives would be forever changed with a little help from magic and a night filled with passion.


Hot, Hot, Hot.  Oh, did I say HOT!  Between a Rock and a Hard-On burned up my computer!  Usually I donít like quickie stories where the main characters donít already know each other, but it is easier to believe if the couple isnít human.   It helps that Cindy Spencer Pape can write a story that is so hot.  After all the never ending sex, I needed a cold shower and some ice.


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