Bare Seduction by Lacey Thorn
Bare Love
Ellora’s Cave
Ménage / Contemporary Suspense Romance
ISBN: 9781419910272
Reviewed by Tanya



Cass Sinclair has returned to her “new hometown” after spending a tough five months caring for her mother, who has passed on from cancer.  She has returned home for her best friend Moira’s bachelorette party, which should be a good time.  After they have all imbibed a bit they are at Moira’s soon to be brother-in-law’s home when Cass first meets up with Damon and Doug.


Damon and Doug are partners in the Daniel’s construction firm and they are known to share more than the business.  They are rumored to share their women.  But, Cass isn’t sure that she could manage a romantic relationship with the two, now an affair that is a different story.  Since they are first introduced when Cass is in her underwear and standing on her hands saying it was lust at first sight was an understatement.


Unfortunately someone seems to be after Cass.  She is attacked more than once, and it seems the attacks are due to her new men.  Who is trying to keep them apart?  And do they have more than an affair happening between the three of them.  Could it be possible it is the real thing?  Love…


Bare Seduction is a fast paced romantic suspense story, with a twist, in the fact there are two men and one woman involved in this loving relationship. This leads to more than one humorous situation.  The author writes a very well thought out suspense story; I had the wrong person doing the deeds until late in the book.  One issue I had was that there were a few glaring editing errors to me.  While they didn’t take away from the overall story it did make me stop and have to reread a passage or two, thus breaking up the flow.  But, overall it was a wonderful story and I look forward to the next one in the series.  Bare Seduction makes a solid third edition to the Bare Love Series.


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