An Unlikely Encounter by Aliyah Burke
Red Rose Publishing
Mainstream Romance/MC/IR
ISBN: 978-1-60435-020-3
Reviewed by Nellie



What happens when you are stuck at the airport due to a delayed flight and have ample time to waste without much entertainment? For Torrye Jamieson it all started with a debilitating migraine that sent her unfocused into the menís bathroom, were she encounters laughing blue eyes.  There, Niall OíCinneide was caught, hook, line and sinker by the smoldering eyes and the retreating backside sway of the female who dared entered the male domain. It was not too long that he found himself playing nursemaid and bodyguard to Torrye. Before the night was out, they were lovers as a result of a bathroom encounter. But was this just a chance encounter or were they destined to meet again?

In the beginning An Unlikely Encounter was so engrossing I could not put it down, but half way or after the airport scene it just changed. The captivating beginning just disappeared and I cannot exactly pinpoint exactly what went wrong. Magical ending but because of the middle the oomph factor was already lost for me. I also kept hoping for a baby since the author made a point of telling us the specifics of all the unplanned explosive sexual encounters. Still love this author and would read anything she writes.


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