Amnesia by Mary Suzanne
Erotic Contemporary
Reviewer: Erys



Awakening with no memory of who he is, where he is, and how he got there, he finds a wallet in his pocket and checks his ID.  When he discovers his name is Riley, it doesnít ring a bell or bring back his memory.  Neither does the gorgeous blonde woman who approaches him and leads him back to her office.  While she seems familiar, he canít remember her.  When she takes off her clothes and then starts to remove his, lust kicks in, and he decides to worry about his identity later.  The memory of their lovemaking haunts him all night and day, but she doesnít return.  Will he ever get his memory back, and will he see the blonde again?


Amnesia has a smoking hot love scene and a plot that will keep you guessing.  I would have enjoyed this story more if it had been longer so that more of the plot could have been developed.  The love scene was well written, but the rest of the story felt rushed.  Without more interaction between the characters, I wasnít able to suspend my disbelief and be satisfied with the ending.  I will look for something longer by Mary Suzanne because I did enjoy the beginning of the story.


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