Amber's Toy by Jude Mason
ISBN: 1-59426-740-5
Reviewed by Tanya



Amber was the quintessential average woman; many saw her as frumpy and unattractive.  So when the hunky Tony Jeffers decides to pursue her, date her, and bed her she is instantly in love.  He has told her she is fantastic, and then suddenly he is laughing at her and breaking her heart.  She is devastated, quits her job and takes a job in a needy jungle area.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, she is thrust into a completely unknown situation when her plane crashes, stranding her with a remote tribe.  She is taken under the wing of the wise woman of the tribe and not only thrives but also finds a means to her revenge.


Tony Jeffers doesnít recognize her the night she seeks her revenge.  She is much slimmer, and has contacts and has changed her hair.  What will he think when she takes her revenge, makes him her toy, and reveals whom she really is?


Amberís Toy is a steamy erotic tale that will send you looking for something to fan yourself with while reading.  The story is the quintessential revenge of the former plain girl, against the playboy.  I did find that Tony changed his ways a little faster than I would have though possible but other than that the story was well written, and very imaginative.  There is more than the normal amount of sex, some kinky, in this book, yet at the same time there are well-developed characters and an overall plot line.  Amberís Toy is a very hot story that turns the tables on the playboy for once.


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