A Filly for Doug by Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 9781419911804
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Doug Blue has just been set up; by his ex-fiance and her new husband no less.  What he thought was going to be dinner at their home turns out to a blind date with Helaine Willis.  He knows that Jilly and Jake meant well but he just feels funny.  As for his feelings for Helaine Willis, he can’t help but he attracted to her.   She is smart, witty, and beautiful.  Doug finds himself falling for her but Helaine only wants the here and now.  She doesn’t want or expect forever.  Doug will just have to change her mind in his own special, dominant, sort of way.


Grab the ice cubes ‘cause A Filly for Doug is breathtakingly hot.  No one writes BDSM like Reese Gabriel - A Filly for Doug explores perceptions and relationship fears all the while exploring the sensual side of bondage and domination.  Reese Gabriel blends the perfect BDSM cocktail and I crave his books like I crave chocolate - daily.  A Filly for Doug was released from Ellora’s Cave and is now safely on my keeper shelf. 


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