A Desperate Longing by Brenda Williamson
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59998-203-X
Reviewed by Nannette



It’s been two years since Kacy Carwell was kidnapped and violated.  She has not been able to move on with her life; she sees and hears her attacker everywhere she goes.


Gulliver Knight is Kacy’s new neighbor.  Although she remains suspicious and cautious around him, Gulliver manages to break down some of the protective walls Kacy has placed around herself.


When the stalker comes looking for Kacy again, she turns to Gulliver for help, but it turns out that the one man she finally put her trust in is hiding something from her.


In A Desperate Longing, Kacy struggles to put her life back together after being brutally attacked.  Brenda Williamson does an admirable job of portraying Kacy as a victim and a survivor.  Gulliver is a white knight shrouded in mystery and Kacy is an amazing woman who possesses an immense amount of courage and strength.  A Desperate Longing is an intense and moving story.


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