Absolute Power by Sierra Dafoe
All Wrapped Up 2
Changeling Press
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-659-9
Reviewed by Lisa



Powerful, successful, Domme Mia knows that something is missing in her life which is making her feel restless and somehow unfulfilled.  Emotionally scarred from experiences as a Sub in the past have made one thing very clear to Mia – she will never again let another man tell her what to do sexually, ever.


Dominion is the hot, new club Fyodor and his partners control.  Word is that they are vampires, but who’s going to really believe a fantastic tale like that?


Mia’s curiosity and desires bring her to the doors of Dominion, and carnal interest brings her to Fyodor.  This woman is so vibrant and full of live energy that Fyodor can’t help but be intrigued.  He will grant her wish if Mia will spend the night with him and his men engaging in what she vowed would never happen.  Something clicks between the two but will they both have the courage to face demons from the past to make a future?


Absolute Power breaks all the boundaries sexually from scenes of D/s to multiple partners, yet blends everything into a cohesive, engaging story of sexual discovery.  Author Sierra Dafoe gives us sizzling passion, flaming heat, and incredible heart!  I suggest reading this story in front of a fan or sitting in snow because you will melt by the time you reach the last page of this entertaining, erotic tale.


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