Wyvern by Grace Draven
Amber Heat
ISBN 978-1-30272-034-3
Reviewed by Rosemary



Talented fiddler Elsbeth Weaver must risk her life to save her grandfather from a lynching, by playing for the wyvern who has terrorized her village.  When she comes face to face with the beast on the cliffs of Maldoza, she is both terrified and fascinated.  Alaric has never stopped loving the human woman he left in the village eight years earlier, so when he meets her again on the cliffs he is overjoyed.

Wyvern is a well paced and well written adventure into a fantasy world created by Grace Draven.  I was intriqued by Alaric, who is strong and powerful, yet he is so gentle and open with Elsbeth, he keeps nothing from her.  Elsbeth is caring, and speaks to Alaricís heart with her music.  Wyvern is an enchantment that I enjoyed, a magical place that I would like to revisit again.


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