Vampire Vintage by Ashlyn Chase
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419908460
Reviewed by Gracie



Maura Keegan is looking for the perfect man for her and she is willing to drag her friends out to Central Park, strip naked, and summon one in the moonlight.  Maura is normally a sensible woman who runs a vintage clothing store and does the right thing, but she wants her man.

Adrian is exactly what Maura wants…a six hundred year old vampire.  Adrian cannot believe what he is hearing when he hears the summoning spell.  Doesn’t she know what she could end up with?  He decides to take a closer look.   When Adrian sees Maura he feels a pull toward her.

Maura and Adrian share a cab ride and Adrian takes the opportunity to do a bit of snooping.  He finds out that Maura is headed to Transylvania to take a vampire tour and do some shopping for her store.  Adrian decides to tag along and eventually admits who, and what he is, and things just get crazier from there.  Will Adrian and Maura be able to find a happily ever after or should Maura have been more careful about what she wished for?

Vampire Vintage was a fun read.  Ashlyn Chase writes with a bit of humor which totally adds to her story.  Maura is tired of not finding what she is looking for in a man and she is willing take measures to find the man she truly wants.  Adrian has been looking for someone for quite awhile and he thinks that Maura may be the person he needs.  The secondary characters help to make this story good.  They include a crazy vampire family, ex-girlfriends, angels and drunken devils.  Vampire Vintage was a fun read with a bit of drama thrown into the mix…it is worth taking the time to read!


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