Three Times a Hero by Jena Galifany
Shadow’s Forge, Book 1
Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 1-59374-552-4
Reviewed by Jo



Taylor (Ty) Synclair has what most men would think is the perfect life.  He’s the bass player for a popular British Rock Band, Shadow’s Forge, and he has both women for the taking and constant travel.  But, Ty is not really happy, he has discovered that something important is missing from his life.  Ty has realized that he isn’t satisfied with nameless and forgettable women every night.  Ty needs to find his “one.”  The woman that will be able to accept Taylor the person along with Ty the rock star.  However, he has been hurt before and doesn’t know if he is ready to try again.  Restless after a gig one night, Ty borrows a car and goes for a drive. 

Alexis Rivers had struggled and worked hard to escape from an abusive relationship she has been involved in for many years.  Finally, Alexis’ escape is within her grasp and she drives away from her house in a rented car. She just needs to get to her rental house until the flight that will take her away from the abuse and into a new life.  However, Alexis did not count on a winter snowstorm that made driving treacherous, much less hitting another car and being injured.

Ty, although shaken up, gets out and discovers the other driver is a woman and she is hurt.  Ty is able to get Alexis out of her car and into safety.  Later when Alexis comes to, Ty discovers that Alexis does not recognize him and he can just be himself.  At first Alexis just knows that the man that saved her is a hero, very sexy and has a great voice.  As Ty and Alexis get to know each other, they find the beginnings of a passion and maybe even more.  When Alexis needs Ty the most, will he be her hero again or will they lose everything just as it’s in their grasp?

Three Times a Hero is a romance in its simplest terms with just a touch of danger.  Ty is looking for someone that can fill the holes in his life and will let him be the hero he needs to be – not just the outrageous rock star.  Alexis just wants a chance to start over with her life, romance is the farthest thing from her mind.  Ty and Alexis circle each other while trying to figure out if what they are beginning to feel could be forever.  I fell for both characters, Alexis, wary and scared, not wanting to believe in romance so soon and Ty needing to find someone who could look beneath the rock star image.  Three Times a Hero left me with that nice warm and fuzzy feeling that I get when I have read a great romance.  I found Three Times a Hero to be the perfect book to curl up and read into the night.  Three Times a Hero is the first book I have read from Ms. Galifany but I plan on looking for the next in this series.


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