The Wolf’s Heart by Jenna Leigh
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-515-2
Reviewed by Jo



Elaine Westerbrook is an Investigative Reporter who is on the hunt for her biggest story to date.  Elaine has even moved in order to get closer to her subject.  While tracking down this story Elaine has begun to wonder about her mind as she has been having a reoccurrence of a dream that has plagued her since childhood.  In order to crash a major party her subject is having, Elaine will have to ask a favor from someone she was close to in her past…the boy turned into a man turned into a tycoon.

Marcus Bei has known that Elaine was his mate since they were teens.  Events and family made it so that Elaine was taken out of Marcus’ world right after a turning event for both of them.  Now Marcus is the Alpha of his pack and also an Alpha in the business world.  Marcus agrees to meet with Elaine to see why she has suddenly sought him out. 

Marcus agrees to help Elaine in her quest, but his part of the agreement might put them both in a place that will change their lives forever.  Elaine immediately feels the old pull toward Marcus and she has no problem in following it to be closer to her old sweetheart.  As Elaine works to get closer to both her story subject and Marcus, she knows that some type of knowledge is just beyond her reach.  When the final confrontation comes down, can Marcus fight his animal, pack and family to keep Elaine safe and his forever?  Will Elaine have the strength to handle the heart and responsibilities of the Wolf?

The Wolf’s Heart has almost as much suspense as paranormal elements in it.  Marcus’ heritage is unusual to say the least.  Each family member has various abilities – Marcus has more then most.  Elaine was saved from an incident as a young child and Marcus’ family took her in.  All grown up and back together, the sparks between Marcus and Elaine have become a forest fire and there is much more that they must contend with as adults.  I followed along, as Marcus tried to bring both sides of his life together with Elaine in center of it.  I had a soft spot for the tough talking, but soft, Elaine as she tried to figure out what was being done to her life.  I had to cheer for them both, as Elaine was able to show one and all just how perfect she was for Marcus – all parts of him.  The Wolf’s Heart is a paranormal will hold you tight as you try to figure out all the who’s, what’s, when’s and where’s ahead of the plotline.  If you figure it all out ahead of time then you are better than me, but I loved the challenge and both Marcus and Elaine.  There was also another character in The Wolf’s Heart that I hope to see have her own story soon.


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