The Witch Stone by Brenda Williamson
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59374-707-7
Reviewed by Gracie



Azrielle Marris is a witch.  She lives with her parents whom she adores and has begun experimenting with some of her powers.  Bram Latimer is an Orion Priest.  He is very powerful and there are rules that he has always followed and obeyed without any problems or concerns.  Everything changes when he accidentally bumps into Azrielle in an alley.

Azrielle is intrigued and instantly attracted to Bram.  Bram knows exactly who Azrielle is.  She is the vessel for his Orion seed.  He knows the rules, he must place the seed in Azrielle and the next man she is with will fertilize the seed.  Those are the rules.  Bram cannot believe how hard a time he is having following them.  While Azrielle and Bram fight to understand their feelings, someone is killing witches including Azrielle’s sister in law.  The killer seems to want Azrielle next and Bram is going to make sure that this does not happen.  Will Bram and Azrielle be able to create a future even if they have to break the rules?

The Witch Stone is a great read!  Brenda Williamson writes strong sexy characters that pull you into their story and keep you there until the end.  Azrielle is an inexperienced, smart, and sexy witch who wants to explore her new talents.  Bram believes in the rules that govern his world, but he is willing to try to find a way to have all the things that are important to him.  The Witch Stone has suspense, sexy love scenes, and a touch of humor.  Another winner for Brenda Williamson!!


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