The Satin Slippers by Penny Dawn
The Carman Chronicles, Book 1
Amber Heat
Erotic Fairy Tale/Fantasy/Gay
ISBN 978-1-60272-001-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



Lady Morgana of Carman is scheduled to wed Duke Preston of Bismalle.  The arranged marriage is for political control of the Olympian Empire, and neither Morgana nor Preston are happy about the pending nuptials.  Sir Beauregard volunteers to keep Morgana safe in her quarters until her wedding day.  He has a secret desire for Morgana, but the laws prohibit the coupling of knights and nobility. 

The Satin Slippers is not your everyday fairy tale.  Penny Dawn has mixed together magic, a little sexy action, a touch of drama and love. Morgana wants the freedom to choose her lover, Beauregard denies his hunger for Morgana and Preston wants to continue with his life as it is. The Satin Slippers has a very creative cast of characters that intrigued me throughout.


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