The Last Legacy by Jenna Leigh
Champagne Books
Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Jo



Lilly Tremaine goes to England to live in a house she just inherited from an aunt she never knew about.  She has had a secret dream to write fiction and believes this is the perfect opportunity to try it.  Little does she know that her beneficiary aunt was one of her favorite romance writers.  Lilly sets out to discover her new home and country.  What Lilly does not expect is the house’s guardian.

Faelen McKenna is a Wyvern who has been charged and cursed to guard the Tremaine women during their lives.  Oh yeah, he can also change into a man when the night falls.  Faelen sees Lilly when she first moves in but it takes awhile for Lilly to see him.  You have to see and believe in magic to interact with Faelen.  However, once it happens both Faelen and Lilly’s lives change from the everyday into a fantasy romance with the bumps and curves every romance has.

Their first official date has Faelen taking Lilly into another world – literally.  There Lilly learns that some legends and myths are much more and less than you could expect.  Deep friendship and danger surround them as Faelen and Lilly realize that someone is very interested in them, but not in a good way.  It seems that keeping them apart has been the main agenda, and now time is running out.  When the final act comes will the dark magic rule all or can Lilly and Faelen overcome and gain the everlasting love that is just within their reach?

The Last Legacy is one of those books that will take you away to another world entirely and I went most willingly.  Lilly has had to fight to keep any fantasy and/or magic in her life. Faelen is magic personified and while he is charged to protect Lilly, he begins to fall for her.  I was mesmerized watching Lilly and Faelen fall in love.  When you add in their zany and fun loving friends (of many myths and legends) their love story was both magical and action packed.  I have always had a special place for dragons, but now I have to put wyverns on that same level.  The Last Legacy has been placed with care on my keeper, touch only with extreme caution, list and is a must re-read.  The romance, fantasy and all the secondary characters take The Last Legacy to the top of my keeper pile.


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