The Call by Jourdan Lane, Emily Veinglory, BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
Werewolf Anthology (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-088-7, 1-60370-088-9
Reviewed by Sabella



Instinct by Jourdan Lane

Ethan doesn’t particularly like that he can turn furry – as a matter of fact Ethan hates it and with good reason.  But when he meets the sexy and irresistible Noah, it just might be enough to change his mind…until someone from Ethan’s past comes to haunt them in the worst way.

Instinct is a wonderful love story full of hot sweaty sex, shapeshifting and pack rivalries.  Both Ethan and Noah will catch your attention from the very first word and they won’t let go even at the end of this story.  I hope that Jourdan Lane brings them back in a future book.


Son of a Bitch by Emily Veinglory

Nate left his pack, but apparently they are not done with him.  First his mother shows up, then one of his cousins followed by his cousin’s mother and in the middle of it all Nate is “dating” a normal non-wolf guy.  Juggling all these things just might drive Nate crazy.

Son of a Bitch gives us a different take on the werewolf life.  Nate is a straight-forward yet complicated man that is shaped by the events around him.  This was interesting and fun read.


Home Fires by BA Tortuga

Houston is running.  He is running from people that had him locked in a cage, experimented on him and did so many awful things that he can barely remember.  But Houston is running towards the only place that he feels safe – towards Jackson.

Home Fires is an emotional and touching story.  Houston will make your heart hurt even as he heals.


The Call is a good anthology that has a different take on werewolves.  All these stories are interesting and they pack enough sensuality to satisfy.  Pick up The Call for a day when you are looking to read something uncommon within the realm of shapeshifters.


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