The Bond That Ties Us by Christine D’Abo
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912009
Reviewed by Little Sunshine



When the newly appointed Chief of Security, Haylie Bonds, arrives at Earth’s newest colony, Eurus, she is determined to make her mark and be the best chief the colony has ever had.  That is, until she meets the colony’s ambassador, a tall and delectable Briel male, Kamran, who is about to send her body into constant sexual overdrive.  Aside from the bizarre desire she has for Kamran, strange things are happening all over Eurus, and her investigation concludes that someone is trying to sabotage the colony.  Can a human female and a Briel male be bonded mates?  Will it be too late to stop the saboteur from unleashing an enemy that has the power to annihilate the entire colony?

The Bond That Ties Us was a very lustful and delicious read.  Who wouldn’t want a very well equipped alien that, when bonded with his true mate, can cause her to have mind blowing sex in her dreams?  This book had me flipping the pages anxiously awaiting the next physical encounter between these two characters.  The Bond That Ties Us had me panting and so hot I needed an ice cube to cool my body off.


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