Summerís Caress by Tielle St. Clare
Elloraís Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419912269
Reviewed by Rosemary



Rebecca Rhodes did not want to spend another weekend alone, so she drove out to visit her friend Taylor at her lake house.  When she arrived it looked like a party was in progress, Rebecca wished she had called first before making the three hour drive.  Rebecca didnít know that everyone there including Taylor is a werewolf and that they are gathered for the full moon run.  While the pack is out running in the woods, Rebecca leisurely walks down to the lake and is attacked by a rogue in were-form; he bites her and is about to rape her, when she escapes by swimming across the lake.   Human Deacon Crowley finds Rebecca at the waterís edge and takes her inside his cabin to tend to her wounds.  Next morning Pack Guardian Trey, who is attracted to Rebecca and was denied his plans of making love to her, tracks her to the cabin.  Trey discovers that not only has Rebecca been bitten, but she has also bitten Deacon, bonding him to her.  The plot thickens when the rogue returns to bite Deacon, and Trey is left to help both Rebecca and Deacon with their changeover. 

Summerís Caress is the sequel to Taylorís story in New Years Kiss.  Tielle St. Clare constructs a compelling story with orgasmic libidos and hilarious dialogue.  Rebecca is a sassy redhead that considers both males hers.  Trey is determined to fight the love he feels for Rebecca and Deacon, and Deacon is on a mission to hang onto both his mates.  Summerís Caress is a deliciously hot and steamy tale that will have you drooling between attacks of laughter.  I enjoyed this saga immensely.


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