Sex With Lex by Carol Lynne
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
ISBN: 9781419909672
Reviewed by Rosemary



Nick Barker arrives in Montana with his college roommate Sam to work at the family ranch for the summer.  Lex Whitefeather is waiting at the airport to take his son Sam and his friend Nick home.  Nick takes one look at Lex and is instantly aroused, and Lex is in the same condition.  Working together for weeks at the ranch, Lex and Nick finally give in to temptation and make love.  Lex is still in the closet and refuses to come out, Nick feeling rejected leaves and returns to school.  Three years later, Sam contacts Nick and asks him to come for a visit, Nick agrees and flies to Montana.  Lex is there to meet him, determined to do whatever it takes to win Nick back for keeps.

Sex With Lex, the title says it all, but it is more than just hot sex, although there is an abundance of erotic episodes, it is a story of love that endures and the misery of separation.  Carol Lynne exemplifies what the dread of rejection by society and the consequence of living with fear can encompass.  This is a warm and affectionate story that I enjoyed greatly. 


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